Lions Mane Mushroom vs. Lions Mane Mycelium

Most beneficial part of Hericium erinaceus? The mushroom or mycelium? Both have bioactive compounds. Some compounds are only found in the mushroom or only in the mycelium. Supplement companies rarely offer mushroom & mycelium combinations. Our personal opinion is that it is best to consume both parts, the mushroom and its' mycelium, for optimum benefits consistency is key. 

lions mane mushroom on birch tree

Lions mane mushroom benefits

Fruiting lions mane bodies research has shown:
  1. Moderate effects on cellular antioxidant activity suggested that H. erinaceum could be utilized in the development of natural antioxidant and anti-osteoporotic nutraceuticals[1].
  2. Exhibited inhibitory potency against tumor growth[2,3].
  3. Active compound may inspire the development of a new pharmacologically useful substance to be used in the treatment and prevention of age-related diseases[4]. 
  4. Results of potential for preventing and treating inflammatory diseases[5].

Lions mane mycelium benefits

Lions mane mycelia research has shown:
  1. Protection against environmental pollutants [6].
  2. Hericium erinaceus polysaccharide was effective in preventing gastric cancer progression[7].
  3. Significantly decreased the blood glucose (GLU) levels and could be used as a functional food and natural drug for the prevention of diabetes and its complications[8].
  4. Nerve growth factor (NGF) to NGF precursor (proNGF) was increased and hippocampal neurogenesis was promoted and the results highlight the therapeutic potential of lions mane mushroom and lions mane mycelium on Alzheimer's [9]. 
  5. Exhibit antioxidant and neuroprotective effects on Aβ-induced neurotoxicity in neurons.[10]. 
  6. Preclinical studies have shown that there can be improvements in ischemic stroke, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and depression if H. erinaceus mycelia enriched with erinacines are included in daily meals[11].

Mycelium cultured on grain leaves leftover traces of grain. Basically a creation of fermented fungus on grain. We see no issues with grain fermented with fungus if the cultured grain is of high quality; organic and gluten free with no pesticides. Pure mycelium culture grown in a liquid medium is also available. Liquid cultured mycelium is about is as pure and potent as it may get.

Another concern is the quality of the fruit/mushroom bought wholesale from China. The challenge with fungus bought from China is pollution factors and heavy metals known to accumulate in the mushroom body. It is important to know where your fungus product comes from and the health of the environment it is cultivated in, as fungus is known to ingest and absorb toxic pollutants & heavy metals from the surrounding environment. It is also ethically questionable to purchase a product that requires shipping some thousands of miles, when there are healthy, mindfully grown options closer to home, if possible. 

sliced and diced lions mane mushroom

A challenge for many can be finding the optimal daily dosage, at a reasonable cost that can be taken long term for optimal benefits. The recommended serving varies widely from vender to vender. One may recommend a one gram serving, another 1.5 gram, and another sells bulk powder so you chose how much. Regardless of how much you wish to eat per day, buying loose organic powder mushroom/mycelium from a trust worthy source may be the best option. We feel that it is more cost effective, waste reducing, and ethical to purchase a full spectrum lions mane powder that is organically grown and locally sourced.


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